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Parking Lot Sealing & Striping

We will be sealing & striping the parking lot in late June early July

To minimize disruption, we will be dividing the parking lot into two zones and sealing zones on different days. Please prepare for the parking & driving restrictions that will be in place during the project.

1) No driving on the lot for a 24-hr period after sealing. You must have your car parked outside the sealing zone.

2) No walking, pets or bicycles are allowed in the sealing zone for the 24-hr period after sealing.

3) Any cars not out of the sealing zone on scheduled days will be towed at the owner’s expense.

4) Boats & trailers must be moved to the grass temporarily.

5) If you are leaving the property for any period, please leave a copy of your keys with the office in case we need to move your car.

Please watch out for updates and exact times and days as we get closer to the project.

Your cooperation and patience during this project are appreciated.


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