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C Building - 07 Units - Riser Replacement 7/24/18

Units C107, C207, C307, C407, C507, C607,

are scheduled for riser replacement on

Tuesday July 24th

  • We will pre-inspect the units with

the contractor the week before the work begins.

See below floor plan for work areas

  • Monday July 23rd we will cut the drywall in preparation for the plumber. The affected areas of your unit should be cleared out, covered and protected prior to Monday morning.

  • Tuesday July 24th The Plumbers will begin work at 8am and will finish at approximately 5pm. There will be no water in these units during this time.

  • Wednesday June 25th the permit inspector will inspect the work in each unit.

  • Thursday/ Friday June 26th/27th the drywall contractor will patch the cut drywall. Owners / landlords are responsible for painting the repaired drywall

This schedule and order of work is subject to change, so please be prepared for any unforeseen changes.

This is additional plumbing work, if your unit has already been re-piped this work still needs to be done.

If your water heater is older with corroded connections and the plumber cannot reconnect to it, it may have to be replaced. The plumber will replace it that day for approx. $550 (normal price $750)

As always, please contact the office with any questions or concerns

Apologies in advance for any Inconvenience caused


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