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Condo Maintenance



As stated by the Declaration of Condominium of Palm Beach Landings, the Association is responsible for the maintenance of the common elements of the property. Owners are responsible for unit maintenance. The Association: 

  • is not responsible for unit security, maintenance, or repairs (other than emergency repairs that affect common elements). 

  • does not and will not check on or inspect units or coordinate repairs and cleanup units in an owner’s absence.
    If a unit is left vacant for any period of time owners should have arrangements in place to deal with emergency situations that may occur and ensure their unit is properly secured and maintained in their absence.

Additionally, all construction debris must be disposed of by the individual unit owner at their expense. Please do not put construction materials down the trash chutes. The trash chutes are only for standard household waste.


 The Association provides 24/7 cover for emergency maintenance issues (such as water leaks). Emergency maintenance issues must be reported to the Association immediately. 


 Security and safety issues must be directed to the relevant local authority such as the police, fire, and health departments. 


Water, sewer, and trash are paid communally by the Association. Owners pay water charges through the Association fees. The water bill is the Association’s largest expense accounting for almost 20% of condo fees. Wasted water is literally money down the drain. Leaking faucets and toilets unnecessarily wastes water. Since old and faulty plumbing and appliances increase the chances of leaks, please 

  • Regularly replace toilet flappers. 

  • Use auto-shutoff connectors. 

  • Replace the water heater in a timely manner. Don't wait until it leaks. 

  • Check the drain pan under the water heater for damage. 

  • Replace leaky faucets and shower stems. 


Consider a water monitor and leak detector. 


Condo units are individually owned. The Association is not responsible for tenant relations, a supply of keys/ gate passes, move-ins and outs, unit security, and unit maintenance and repairs (other than emergency repairs such as water leaks). 


The owner will be notified by the management of any tenant rule infringements. 


Tenants should make any representation regarding rules directly to their landlord. 


Maintenance is an ongoing issue with any home or condo. Regular maintenance can save you and your neighbors thousands of dollars. 

The following is a guide to some common condo maintenance issues to help you properly maintain your investment and minimize condo fee increases. 
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