Boat Dock  Rules & Reg's


All slips are assigned by Manager and Dock Master based on availability and boat size. All slips are booked on a temporary per use basis, by day, week, month or year. Boat slip booking calendars will be maintained on the association website
Slips must be booked at the association office, preferably in writing no more than 30 and no less than 7 days in advance of intended use.
Residents who do not use their booked assignment will lose it. If a watercraft is not in the water or its owner leaves property for more than 7 consecutive days the assignment is lost and must be re-booked based on availability. Booked assignments are not transferable to or between owners or tenants
A watercraft owner may ask management in writing for their booked assignment to be held under special circumstances if a Watercraft must be taken out of water for more than 7 consecutive days between June 1st and November 30th or 14 consecutive days between December 1st and may 31st. The watercrafts owners’ cumulative dock use will be considered when holding a slip under special circumstances.
All equipment must be removed from boat docks at the end of an assignment. Any equipment left on the dock may be removed and disposed of by the association. Watercraft owner will be responsible for any costs incurred by the association for the removal and disposal of equipment on the docks.

Leasing of boat slips

Leasing of Boat slips on a yearly basis is allowable. At any one time a maximum of 5 slips may be leased; board may reduce the number of slips allowed to be leased at its discretion
Leasing fees and charges are to be determined by the board of directors through the budgetary process
A Lease may be terminated at any time provided 30 days, written notice has been given by either party. Fees will be prorated and refunded.  If a lease is early terminated by a watercraft owner, they may not re-lease a slip within the next 24-month period. The board may terminate a lease and reallocate the leased slip to a per-use assigned slip. This will be done on a last-in first-out basis.  
All equipment must be removed from the boat docks at end of a lease. Any equipment left on the dock may be removed and disposed of by the association. The watercraft owner will be responsible for any costs incurred by the association for the removal and disposal of equipment on the docks.  
Leased slips may not be sublet and are not transferable to or between owners or tenants

Temporary mooring

Slip numbers 13 and 14 may be used for temporary mooring, (for no more than 2 hours). Temporary mooring slips cannot be reserved. Only PBL registered watercraft may use theses slips 

Registration & use restrictions

Usage of the boat docks and watercraft/trailer parking area is limited to PBL residents only. Owners that rent their units are not entitled to use the boat parking or docks.
All watercraft/ trailers must be sea/road worthy, not unsightly
All Watercraft and trailers must be registered with PBL Management & Dock Master with proof of

  • · ownership
  • · insurance
  • · state registration

Watercraft owners must pay any associated fees, sign a statement attesting to have received and read a copy of the rules and regulations regarding boats and understand that maintaining a boat on property is conditional on adherence to these rules.
Watercraft must be Re Registered with the association by June 1 each year. Providing current copies of insurance & state registration, paying any associated fees and reaffirming knowledge and adherence to the rules and regulations will be required.
Violation of the Boat rule may result in refusal to re-register boat
Limited to one (1) watercraft and one (1) trailer per PBL resident unit.  Boat trailers may not be parked on Association property without a watercraft on it or moored at the docks.
Boats may not be left in water if owner leaves the property for more than 7 consecutive days.
All wet slips and dry storage are assigned by the management with the aide of the dock master on a space available basis. Max length of watercraft to be moored in the dock area. The max length of a watercraft trailer is thirty feet. Boats must be contained in the leased area as shown on the survey dated 11/09/07. This includes all lines for high and low tides while still remaining in the State required leased area. AT ALL TIMES. A copy of this survey is to be presented to any prospective new or current owners/tenants when application is made. Any watercraft trailer or boat that exceeds these lengths will not be permitted on the property or at the docks.
All watercraft should be properly secured to prevent damage.  Owner may be held liable for damages caused by improperly secured craft.  At the discretion of the Dock Master all worn, frayed, improperly tied dock lines must be replaced or adjusted immediately.
If levied by the board Watercraft owners must pay a fee to dry park boats and/or trailers on association property. The fee is paid on a yearly basis and is dues at time of registration or reregistration on June 1 of each year. Any unused portion of the fee will be prorated and refunded to the watercraft owner 


All watercraft and trailers shall be properly licensed, registered and insured in an amount of not less than $100,000/$300,000 per person/incident and $50,000 property damage.  The Palm Beach Landings Condominium Association shall be named as an additional insured while the boat is parked on the premises or at the docks and a certificate of insurance shall be provided to the Association.

Living on Boats

No one may live aboard a vessel while docked at Palm Beach Landings.


There shall be no assembling or disassembling of watercraft/trailers in wet slips or dry storage except for ordinary and routine maintenance.


No fireworks, open fires, such as barbecue grills, or combustibles to be used on docks or watercraft at any time.


Trash or pollutants to be disposed of in suitable containers.


The Dock Master/Directors may require watercraft to be removed from the docks in an emergency, such as a hurricane or flooding.


All children 10 years and younger must wear U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device when using the dock area and must be accompanied by an adult.

Boat Dock Electricity

Registered watercraft owners must pay a deposit of $5 to gain access to electrical outlets on docks. Deposit will be forfeited for improper use of dock electricity. 
Electrical outlets on boat docks are NOT to be used as shore power
Outlets are to be used for recharging batteries
Outlets are to be used for cleaning of craft
There shall be no continual use of electrical outlets in excess of 12 hours.
Electrical use or electrical cords left on, through the slats in the docks or under the docks after dark are prohibited and will be removed by management.

Fish Cleaning:

Cleaning of fish is permitted no the docks as long as you clean up after yourself, use a cutting board to protect the docks and the remains are placed in a disposal and not put back in the water.

  • Slips are booked Based on uses, availability & size.
  • Click on a Slip number to see availability.
  • Bookings can be made 7-30 days before use.
  • To Book a slip please email the office Manager@PalmBeachLandings.com or use Booking form click here
  • Bookings that are not used will be lost.
  • All ropes and other equipment. Must be removed from the docks when booking is finished.
  • For full list of Boating Rules & Reg's Please see below
  • For watercraft  registration form Click Here

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